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Figures on the History

Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica Island on the family of the lower class aristocracy. He had ascended the throne as French Emperor making available of the social disorder in French Revolution. But He failed in the expedition to Russia and was defeated in the battle of Waterloo so that he was exiled the Saint Herena Island which is soly situated in Atlantic Ocean. He had experienced the miserable life in his late life When We analyze his horoscope in detail, we can completely verify how he should live First of all, we would like to notice some main points of his Horoscope.

His rasi chart is characteristics of being in 10th house placed in Cancer. The 10th house represents the political power, the occupation, the social influence and so on. The Cancer belongs to the active sign with aggressive power as well as water sign representing the emotion.

Here the Saturn ruled by 4th and 5th house occupies. It is solely Raja Yoga Karaka and functioned benefic .As 10th house is the Upachaya house, if the native malefic like Saturn occupies, it would become very strong and powerful. It means he is an strong leader, innovative with high proficiency. Napoleon is often evaluated as “the child of Revolution”. Actually he is acknowledged as military officer of artillery in the first stage, with the support by Jakoban party which is radical revolutionary, in the social situation facing the destruction of the traditional society. He rose in the world as the general later. As he took in the office, he performed the policy as follows: the prevail of the thought of freedom and human rights, a Napoleon code, the promotion of the industrial revolution. etc. He had much contributed to modernize the European society while he had been in his office as emperor.

On the other hand, the Moon ruled by 10th house occupies in 4th house., that is, the opposite side from the 10th house. It represents the mother, the intimate friend, the support by the ruler, and the vehicles etc. Although his Moon is in the Kemadruma Yoga meaning with the solitude and loneliness. But as it gets the strength of the direction and it is waxing close to the full moon,. it works as functionally benefic. The Saturn and the Moon exchanges in the position of the sign each other so that the 4th house and the 10th house become much more powerful. It is very famous that he always respected his mother all his life, and that he made his brothers and the relatives take the high-ranked position in office with the wishes of their happiness. Although his enemies strongly hated him, the common people would love and respect him. It proves that the Moon apparently works as the strong benefic. Regrettably, the Kemadruma Yoga seems to operate in his life. Because he loved his family very much, but he was finally betrayed by them. In that point, we cannot deny he lived the solitude and lonely life.